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Emphasis Areas

Click on the corresponding emphasis area for a list and course description of the types of courses that are currently available. The listings are for information purposes only. Do not take any courses without talking to your advisor.

Students must maintain a 2.0 Grade Point Average per emphasis area and have no more than one grade of "D" per emphasis area.

Guidelines for Choosing BSIS Distance Learning Emphasis Areas

*You must choose emphasis areas from at least two different colleges, meaning you cannot have all emphasis areas from one college, such as the College of Arts and Sciences.

*You must complete a total of 36 hours of upper-level emphasis area course work.

*You must complete either two of the 18-hour emphasis area options and take 18 upper-level hours in each area or complete three of the 12-hour emphasis area options and take 12 upper-level hours in each area.

*Other restrictions may apply. Please ask one of the BSIS Advisors for more information.

12-hour Emphasis Areas:
(Choose THREE)
OR 18-hour Emphasis Areas:
(Choose TWO)
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: College of Arts and Sciences:
Health Promotion Communication
College of Arts and Sciences:
  • General Geosciences
Communication History
Criminology Psychology
  • Meteorology
College of Business:
  • Geographic Information Systems
General Business
  • General Geosciences
History College of Education:
Psychology Business Technology
Social Work Instructional Technology
College of Business:
General Business
College of Education:
Business Technology
Instructional Technology
Manufacturing Management
Veterans' Certificate