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Degree Requirements

  • To graduate with a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, a student must complete a minimum of 122 hours.
  • Up to 61 hours transferred from an accredited community college may count toward the degree.
  • 61 hours must be from an accredited four-year university.
  • 36 hours must be upper-level (3000 and above) emphasis area course work.
  • Students will be required to submit a letter, requesting official acceptance to the program, to be taken to the BSIS Committee for review. This will allow students to change their major from Pre-Interdisciplinary Studies (PRIS) to Interdisciplinary Studies (BSIS).
  • The final 32 hours of course work must come from MSU. Request to deviate from this rule must be submitted in writing to and approved by your advisor prior to enrolling in the desired course: Request to Enroll Off Campus.
  • Students must have a 2.00 GPA per emphasis area, a 2.00 MSU GPA, and a 2.00 overall GPA in order to graduate.
  • In order to graduate, BSIS students are required to take IDS 4111 Professional Seminar during the semester in which they plan to graduate.

Degree Application Deadlines

For a full list of academic deadlines, visit the Office of the Registrar and click the appropriate term.