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Apply for Degree

To apply for a degree, students must fill out the "Apply for Degree" form found in myBanner for Students under "Academic Records".

The deadline for that can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Degree Requirements

In addition to the University’s minimum requirements, the following requirements must be met for students applying for graduation:

  • Pass 124-154 applicable hours
  • Take a minimum of 62 semester hours from a senior college
  • Take a minimum of 32 upper level business hours at MSU
  • Complete the last 32 hours in residence at MSU
  • Have at least a:
    • 2.50 GPA on all upper level business courses attempted,
    • 2.50 GPA on all major courses attempted,
    • 2.00 GPA on all MSU course work attempted, and
    • 2.00 GPA on all course work attempted.
  • Have no more than two D’s in upper level business courses. In excess of two D’s will have to be repeated with a grade of C or better.

Degree Application Deadlines

For a full list of academic deadlines, visit the Office of the Registrar and click the appropriate term.