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General Business

These courses are listed for information purposes only.
Please do not take classes without speaking with your advisor.

FIN 3113 Financial Systems
(Prerequisites: EC 2113, EC 2123, or AEC 2713 and junior standing) Three hours lecture. Study of interest rates, basic security valuation, money and capital markets.

FIN 3123 Financial Management
(Prerequisites: EC 2123, ACC 2013, and BQA 2113) Three hours lecture. Study of objectives, tools, methods, and problems of financial management; financial analysis, planning, control, sources/uses of funds, capital budgeting decisions and working capital.

INS 3103 Principles of Insurance
(Prerequisite: Junior standing) Three hours lecture. A study of the principles and concepts of insurance plus a survey of personal coverages, such as Homeowners, Automobile, Life and Health insurance.

INS 3303 Life Insurance
Three hours lecture. The nature and function of life insurance; policy forms and provisions; reserves; company organization; legal aspects; taxation and practical application.

Sample Syllabus

INS 3503 Employee Benefits
Three hours lecture. A comprehensive study of employee benefit plans available to employers, including the principles and concepts necessary to design and implement successful employee benefit programs.

Sample Syllabus

MGT 3213 Organizational Communications
(Prerequisites: EN 1113 and junior standing) Three hours lecture. Application of communication principles through preparation of effective documents and presentations. Includes study and application of team communication, multicultural communication, technology usage, and ethical considerations. [This course satisfies the Jr./Sr. Writing requirement in this concentration area.]

MKT 3013 Principles of Marketing
(Prerequisite: Junior standing) Three hours lecture. A general survey of the functions, processes, institutions and costs in distribution of goods and services from producers to users.

Sample Syllabus

The semesters in which these courses are offered are subject to change. The departments control when the courses will be available.