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Tuition & Required Fees

Tuition and Required Fees are assessed on a per-credit hour basis at the prevailing rates as determined by the Institutions of Higher Learning, the governing board of the University. Tuition rates and fees are subject to change from semester to semester. Textbooks and course materials are not included in tuition cost.

As a distance student, you are considered a Resident and will only pay Resident tuition. In addition to tuition, other Distance Fees may apply.

To view the tuition and required fees, visit the Office of the Controller and Treasurer and click on the Distance Education Tab.

Senior Citizens

Tuition waivers are available for senior citizens. Please read the senior citizen tuition waiver policy to see if you qualify.

Contact Ann Dawson at to receive the appropriate forms for tuition waivers.

MSU Employees

Tuition remission is available for MSU employees. Please read the MSU employee tuition remission policy to see if you qualify.

Other Distance Geosciences Programs