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TIG Milestones

Local Field Methods

In this class you will develop a virtual field guide. This is a field guide for your local area with information about how all the geosciences could be seen and experienced if you were to lead a field trip there.

As you complete the program, think about how you would illustrate each subject in your area. It may help you to have a camera ready as you travel around your local area throughout your time in the program so you won’t have to spend too much time in the final summer visiting the sites and taking pictures.

Here are a couple examples of past student field guides:

Southern Lower Michigan Field Trip

Local Field Study of North and Central Alabama

Your Field Course

In this other Field Methods course, you will actually meet one of your professors and your classmates in the field for approximately 8 days. The locations of the field course vary somewhat from year to year. Students will be contacted during the fall semester of the second year with information regarding the upcoming Field Methods courses including selected locations and sign-up deadlines.

Comprehensive Exam

The comprehensive exam is a proctored, essay-style exam that covers material learned in the required courses, except Research Methods. You must pass the comprehensive exam in order to receive your degree. MSU requires students be within 6 credits of graduating or in the last semester of course work in order to take comps. The Department of Geosciences must have at least 2 weeks’ notice before you can schedule your exam. In most cases, we will provide you information early in the spring about when the exam can be scheduled.

Other Distance Geosciences Programs