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Program Structure

The program curriculum is based on a total of 31 credit hours, with at least 16 hours from the Department of Agricultural Economics, including a required internship, and 15 hours from the College of Business. MABM students must also successfully complete a comprehensive oral examination.

All courses are offered on the semester system spring, fall and summer. The Agricultural Economics courses are only offered at specified times in the year, however the MBA courses are offered each of the three semesters in the year, offering students the flexibility to arrange their schedules to fit their specific needs.

Students must discuss course availability with the Director of the program prior to each registration period.

Course Code Title
MGT 3114
MGT 8063
Principles of Management & Production (not online)

Survey of Management (online SU)
EC 3123
EC 8103
Intermediate Microeconomics (not online)

Economics for Managers (online SU, FA, SP)

The following Agricultural Economics courses are offered only during the semester under which they are listed.

AEC 6113 Agribusiness Firm Management AEC 6113 Agribusiness Firm Management AEC 6530 Agribusiness Management Internship
AEC 6213 Ag Finance I AEC 6223 Applied Quantitative Analysis in Agricultural Economics
AEC 6530 Agribusiness Management Internship AEC 6623 Global Marketing of Agricultural Products
AEC 6530 Agribusiness Management Internship

The following MBA required courses are offered fall, spring and summer.

  • BL 8113 Law, Business, Ethics, and Dispute Resolution
  • MGT 8113 Leadership Skills for Managerial Behavior
  • ACC 8213 Financial Statement and Management Accounting Report Analysis for Decision Making
  • MKT 8153 Strategic Marketing Management
  • FIN 8113 Corporate Finance