College of BusinessMississippi State University

Distance MBA

Mississippi State University’s accredited 30-hour fully online MBA program offers students an affordable and flexible opportunity to participate in useful, well-designed courses emphasizing management, marketing, finance, economics, business information systems, and quantitative analysis. The MBA program consists of 27 required hours of core MBA courses, and 3 hours of electives.

Course Code Title
MGT 8113 Leadership Skills
MKT 8153 Strategic Marketing Management
EC 8103 Economics for Managers
FIN 8113 Corporate Finance
ACC 8213 Financial & Accounting Report Analysis
BIS 8113 Management Information Technology & Systems
BL 8113 Law, Ethics, and Dispute Resolution
BQA 8233 Quant Analysis & Bus Research
MGT 8123 Strategic Business Consulting
3 Hr-Elective

Prerequisite courses are offered online to meet the requirements for those who did not complete the foundation courses (with an A or B) during undergraduate degrees in business.

Course Code Title
ACC 2013 Financial Accounting (Online)
or ACC 2203 Survey of Accounting (Online)
BQA 2113/3123 Business Statistical Methods I & II (Stats II Online)
or BQA 8443 Stat. Analysis for Bus Dec (Online)
MGT 3113/3413 Principles of Management & Production Management (not online)
or MGT 3114 Principles of Management & Production (Online)
or CLEP Principles of Management
FIN 3123 Financial Management (Online)