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Experience MBA +

An MBA is about more than academics, it is a complete program of professional development, leading the way to better jobs and promotions. Make Experience MBA + a vital part of your career success. Start by registering for Online Orientation so you can learn about the technology and student services. Orientation is available several times during the year and takes about 10 hours over a five day period. It simulates the Blackboard learning environment while providing information about the university. A newly developed module within the orientation class is the Student Services Module. This module will be available for one year and will provide you with information and web links for a number of student services and resources designed to enhance your job skills and employability. There are no additional fees associated with access to these modules. Offerings include:

  • Intro to the Career Center
  • Resume Writing with the Career Center
  • Dinner Etiquette with the Career Center
  • MS Word Formatting Tips and Tricks
  • Excel Charts
  • Social Media
  • PowerPoint Professional Presentations
  • Dress Professionally

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