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Tuition & Required Fees

Tuition & Required Fees (T&RF) are assessed on a per-credit hour basis at the prevailing rates as determined by the Institutions of Higher Learning, the governing board of the University. Tuition rates and fees are subject to change from semester to semester. Textbooks and course materials are not included in tuition cost.

As a distance student, you are considered a Resident and will only pay Resident tuition. T&RF assessments for course enrollment with the Center for Distance Education are in addition to all other campus T∓RF charges. Distance Fees for this same enrollment may also apply.

To calculate potential T&RF and distance fee charges, access the Tuition & Required Fees Calculator.

For more information regarding T&RF, billing, and payment methods, please visit Account Services on the Office of the Controller and Treasurers website.

To view your billing statement, navigate to myState, enter your NetID and NetPassword, select "Banner" from the drop down menu, look under the "myBanner for Students" menu and the "Personal Information" column on the right-hand side, then select VIEW YOUR BILLING STATEMENT.

If you have questions concerning your billing statement, please contact Student Account Services at 662.325.2071.

Specific information regarding payment deadlines and service charges is available on the Account Services Manage Account webpage.