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Prior to registering for your last semester, review your program of study with the Distance MSIS academic advisor Cindy Smith to make sure that you have completed all your prerequisites and core requirements. Start this process by sending her the Notification of Intent to Apply for Graduation.

In your last semester of study, you may apply for your degree. Do not miss the deadlines because the cost doubles and then quadruples for late applications.

Distance MSIS students can walk at the graduation ceremony just like any on campus student. Your diploma looks exactly like the diploma received by on campus students. There is a graduation ceremony at the end of the fall and at the end of the spring semesters. There is no ceremony in the summer, but you may still apply for your degree during the summer term. The Office of the Registrar will send summer graduates a card inviting you to walk in the fall graduation ceremony. Please see dates below about deadlines for applying for graduation and graduation regalia order dates.

Graduation dates and instructions from the Office of the Registrar.

You can apply for graduation online:

Log in to myState
Select Banner > Academic Records > Apply For A Degree


Log in to Banner
Select Students > Academic Records > Apply For A Degree

Deadlines for applying for graduation:

Please see the Academic Calendar for degree application dates and fees.

Ordering regalia for graduation:

Orders will be taken each semester about halfway through the semester. For details on the order process visit the Barnes & Noble website.

Request a Final Transcript:

It typically takes about 6 weeks upon the end of a semester for the audits of final grades to be completed and for your diploma to be mailed to you.

If you wish to order copies of your transcript, please visit the Registrar’s website for instructions.