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Program Structure

All students are required to take a set of basic business courses, or prerequisites, prior to taking their core courses. Students must complete the set of basic business courses listed below, or submit transcripts from other schools that carry equivalent courses with a grade of "B" or better. We offer survey courses online in place of many undergraduate prerequisites, designed for non-business undergraduates.

If you would like a pre-application evaluation of your transcript and prerequisites, you can e-mail or fax (662-325-8161) your transcript to Cindy Smith. Please note that a pre-application evaluation does not imply acceptance into the program.

Current Students: You have online access to your own program of study through a tool called CAPP Compliances located under the My Banner Tab, Academic Records menu.


Course Code Title Syllabus (if available)
ACC 2013/2023 Financial Accounting & Managerial Accounting (online)
or ACC 2203 Survey of Accounting (online) Sample Syllabus
BQA 2113/3123 Business Statistical Methods I & II (Stats II online)
or BQA 8443 Stat. Analysis for Business Decision Making (online) Sample Syllabus
MGT 3113/3413 Principles of Management & Production Management (not online)
or MGT 3114 Principles of Management & Production (online)
or CLEP Principles of Management
EC 2113/2123 Macroeconomics & Microeconomics
FIN 3123 Financial Management (online) Sample Syllabus
MKT 3013 Principles of Marketing (online)
3 Hours Computer Programming (not online)


Course Code Title Syllabus (if available)
BIS 8113 Management Information Technology and Systems
BIS 8213 Advanced Systems Analysis and Design Sample Syllabus
BIS 8613 MIS Administration
BIS 8313 Advanced Database Design Administration
BIS 8513 Business Telecommunications
BIS 8753 Information Systems Collaborative Project

Electives make up 12 hours of the program. Select 6 hours from these four BIS courses. The remaining 6 hours are free electives.

Course Code Title Syllabus (if available)
BIS 6513 Microcomputers/Networks
BIS 6523 Bus Programming w/COBOL
BIS 6113 BIS Security Management
BIS 6533 Decision Support Systems