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New Online Degree!

Mississippi State University is offering a new, 100% online degree program, the Master of Agribusiness Management (MABM) to assist those who wish to pursue advanced careers in the global agribusiness industry.

As an interdisciplinary degree between the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Business, the online MABM combines the technical aspects of agricultural economics with finance, management, and marketing skills.

The production of food and other agricultural products becomes more and more important as the world's population grows, making this a highly marketable degree.

The MABM is designed to prepare students to meet the unique challenges facing industries in the food system. These industries include but are not limited to

  • Food production and distribution
  • Agricultural supply logistics
  • Financial services
  • Food Marketing

We will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding this new, online Master of Agribusiness Management degree program, or for more information, you may visit

Department Contacts:

Keith Coble, PhD
Department Head
Agricultural Economics
Mississippi State University

Angelia Williams, PhD
Program Director
Agriculutral Economics
Mississippi State University

Mark Jimerson
Program Coordinator
Center for Distance Education
Mississippi State University