Mississippi State University

How to Register for Classes

Step 1:

 Step 2:

  1. Go to mySTATE.
  2. Enter your NetId and NetPassword.
  3. Click on Login.
  4. Click on the Banner Tab.
  5. Under Registration, click Register for Classes.
  6. From the term selection drop down list, select the appropriate term and click Submit Term.
  7. Prior to registration, please communicate with your advisor for advice on scheduling courses. Your advisor will release you to register afterwards.
  8. If you have changed your major you must be “released” by your new department. This must be done before you can make any changes to your schedule for the upcoming semester.
  9. To add a class, enter the course symbol, number, and section (i.e., TKT 3003-501) and click Add Class. You may also search for open classes or view your schedule in this window.
  10. To drop a class, click Drop Class beside the class you wish to drop

Print your schedule by selecting Print at the top of the page when your schedule is displayed on the screen. Be sure to change the print to landscape.