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Ready to Graduate?

To apply for a degree, students must fill out the "Apply for Degree" form found in myBanner for Students under "Academic Records".

The deadline for that can be found in the Academic Calendar.

Will You Graduate? All answers must be "yes!"

  1. Have you had 6 hours of English Composition (I and II)?
  2. Have you had 6 hours of approved Math courses?
  3. Have you finished the second semester of a foreign language?
  4. Have you had an approved Fine Arts course?
  5. Have you had your Public Speaking course?
  6. Have you had 3 approved Science courses?
    1. Did 2 of them have labs that you took?
    2. Was one lab course a "life science" course?
    3. Was one lab course a non-"life-science" course?
  7. Have you had 1 approved Literature course?
  8. Have you had 1 approved History course?
  9. Did you take General Psychology?
  10. Have you had 1 approved course in either Anthropology, Economics, Communication, Geography, Political Science, or Sociology?
  11. Did you take all of the Required Psychology courses?
  12. Did you take 6 Elective Psychology courses?
  13. Did you get at least a grade of "C" in each of your Psychology courses or retake each course until you got a "C"?
  14. Have you had at least 32 hours of regular courses numbered 3000 or above in the College of Arts & Sciences at Mississippi State?
  15. Have you taken at least 32 hours of regular courses at Mississippi State?
  16. Have you made certain that all courses and hours you thought would transfer from another college have been accepted for credit by MSU?
  17. Does your total number of credits earned at or accepted by MSU for credit toward graduation equal or exceed 124 hours?
  18. Have you filled out a Senior Checksheet with your advisor and had it approved by the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s office before your senior year?
  19. Did you apply for a degree by the deadline in your final semester?

Degree Application Deadlines

For a full list of academic deadlines, vist the Office of the Registrar and click the appropriate term.