MATS Overview

What is the MATS program?

The MATS program is designed for the candidate with a bachelor’s degree in a content or discipline area other than education who is seeking an initial teaching license in secondary education.  The 36 semester hour degree can be completed almost entirely online via distance learning from virtually anywhere in the state of Mississippi and beyond. Students can also complete some coursework via distance and some coursework face-to-face on campus. Students earn initial licensure and then teach full time in a K-12 classroom while completing the degree.

What kind of license will I receive?

Through the program students will be eligible to receive a

What courses will I take?

Students completing the MATS degree program will complete these courses:

Initial Licensure Courses

Core Courses

* A teaching position must be secured by the student before enrolling in these courses.

What subject can I teach?

Students in the MATS program may choose one of the following content areas as their initial licensure area but may choose to add additional endorsements to their license later:

Grades 7-12 Grades K-12
Biology Art
Business French
Chemistry Music
English/Language Arts Physical Education
Physics Spanish
Social Studies