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Pre-Registration Requirements

  • Be admitted to Mississippi State University.
  • Clear all Holds prior to registration (accounts, immunization, etc.)
  • Consult with your advisor for course recommendations. After consultation, advisor will release student to be able to register.
  • Set up your NetPassword.

Register for Classes

  • Go to myState.
  • Click on Login.
  • Click on the Banner tab.
  • Under the Registration Menu, choose Register for Classes.
  • From the Registration Term selection drop down list, choose the appropriate term and click Submit Term.
  • Select CONTINUE.
  • To add a class, choose the Add/Drop Classes Using One Class At A Time Option, then enter the course subject (TKB 3133 501), course number (TKB 3133 501), and section number (TKB 3133 501) and click Add Class.
    • You may look for other classes by choosing Class Search. You may also view and print your class schedule, and order or reserve your textbooks in this window.
    • To drop a class, click Drop Class beside the class you wish to remove.
    • To print your schedule, select "Click Here for a printable class schedule" at the top of the page. When your schedule appears, be sure to change to landscape before printing.

Forgot Your NetPassword?

On the myState webpage sign in screen, look for Need Help? under the Login icon. Choose Trouble Logging In. On the Setup your Netpassword screen choose "Forgot Your NetPassword" and click Submit. You will be asked to answer security questions before your password will be reset.