Mississippi State University


Benefits of Online Learning

myCourses is the software tool that is utilized in delivering each of the distance learning courses offered within the Center for Distance Education. myCourses is an integrated set of tools that includes a secure environment, communication features, online testing, and collaboration that facilitates learning over the internet. Once you have registered for classes, you will receive information regarding your access to online courses.

Below are some advantages of using myCourses to deliver distance learning courses:

On-Campus Learning

It is highly recommended that students have access to a laptop computer during the on-campus section of the program. Computer labs are available on campus with access to technology, however, because of the intensity of the program and the fact that students are housed off campus, most students have found having their own computer to be extremely beneficial.

Tech Support

Technical support is available for any technical problems you may encounter with myCourses. Information is posted within each course regarding common problems and solutions. If you are unable to access the technical support information within courses due to technical problems, please contact our Technology Office by filling out the Other Issues form OR you may call 1.662.325.0278.