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Distance Services Flyer

The Center for Distance Education (CDE) serves Mississippi State University in many aspects of distance education. CDE offers support to academic colleges and departments engaged in distance education at MSU, while also offering support services to any MSU student enrolled in distance education programs and courses. A complete list of specific services offered by CDE are listed below:

Distance@State Orientation

CDE offers a free, non-credit orientation that is available online to all new undergraduate and graduate students who are entering a distance education program. The orientation was created and is facilitated by CDE. Academic departments can choose to insert customized modules with program-specific information. Additional information can be found on the Orientation page.

Graphic Design

CDE uses various methods to develop and create a visual representation(s) of ideas and messages for advertising (print or digital). CDE ensures that content is consistent across all platforms and meets visual identity standards set by MSU's Office of Public Affairs.

Market Analysis/Research

At the request of the department, CDE will research market trends for existing or potential distance education programs and create reports based on the results. Typical findings may include program requirements, analysis of potential competitors, statistics from relevant and existing websites, analysis of previous marketing campaigns, and more.

Marketing Campaigns

CDE assists departments in developing full marketing campaigns for distance programs. This includes discussing ideas and concepts, creating designs, writing copy and editing the materials, implementing and tracking the campaign, while maintaining compliance with MSU's visual identity standards and policies.


CDE will assist academic departments with the proctoring of tests for distance classes. CDE will receive and verify proctor forms and information for any distance class. Additional information can be found on the Proctoring page.

Program Facilitation

CDE is available for consultation, concerning distance program startup. In addition, CDE has a specialized staff skilled in customer service for all distance students, regarding general questions relevant to distance education.

Recruitment/Student Support

CDE specializes in student recruitment for distance education programs. CDE's staff will assist academic departments engaged in distance education with targeted recruitment activity in addition to CDE's general recruitment activity overall. CDE's staff also offers administrative support for all distance students throughout their studies at MSU.

Technical Assistance

Students registered in distance courses can contact CDE's Technology unit for Canvas technical assistance. Assistance related to Banner, myState, and other university systems will be directed to the appropriate source. Additional information can be found on the Technical Assistance page.

Web Design & Development

CDE develops and maintains the infrastructure of all distance program websites. Support is provided to academic departments to update information and track all website traffic and provide analytics for marketing research.

For additional information and assistance from the Center for Distance Education, please call 662.325.3473 or e-mail us at