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Program Structure

Required Courses

Students must complete each of the following courses with a C or better in order to receive the certificate. GR 1603 Intro to Meteorology or its equivalent must be completed before enrolling in any of the following classes. It is also required to meet WMO BIP-M qualifications.

GR 4713 Synoptic Meteorology 3 hrs
GR 4753 Satellitle & Radar Meterology 3 hrs
GR 4473 Numerical Weather 3 hrs
GR 4623 Physical Meteorology 3 hrs
GR 4443 Weather Prediction I 3 hrs
GR 4453 Weather Predicition II 3 hrs
GR 4923 Severe Weather 3 hrs
GR 4823 Dynamic Meteorology I 3 hrs
GR 4933 Dynamic Meteorology II 3 hrs
GR 4603 Climatology 3 hrs
GR 4633 Statistical Climatology 3 hrs
Total 33 hrs

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