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Course Materials

Textbooks are available at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at Mississippi State University. To order your books, visit the bookstore online or call 662.325.2247.

For classes taught by Meridian faculty, please order textbooks online at Barnes and Noble Bookstore at Mississippi State University - Meridian Campus. All Meridian courses are noted on the Available Courses page.

Textbook titles may also be found on our website under Available Courses. Please select the appropriate semester and course.

When you get to the web site: Click on: Student Services, Textbooks
Click on: Order your textbooks

Step 1: Select Term.
Step 2: Select Department.
Step 3: Select Course number.
Step 4: Select Section.

Note: Ordering textbooks online from MSU's Barnes and Nobles requires the input of a section number.

Section numbers are as follows:
501/502 – Full Semester  (16 weeks)
511 –  Term I  ( 8 weeks)
521 - Term II (8 weeks)
504 - Undergrad  (16 weeks)

Step 5: Continue.
Step 6: Add books to Cart.
Step 7: Select another course if you have other books to order.
Step 8: Checkout.

If you do not see your textbook at the bookstore, find your course listing under Available Courses and make sure you have the right course code, number, professor and section.

If you still don’t see your book and it is only two weeks or less from start of class, contact Mark Jimerson for assistance.