Mississippi State University

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a degree in education but never applied for my license. Am I still eligible for MATX?

You are eligible for our program if you have never been granted a teaching license. This is a program to help those interested in becoming teachers gain initial licensure.

How much does each class cost?

See the Controllers page for more information on tuition.

How strict is the GPA requirement?

You are eligible for provisional admission if you have at least a 2.75 on your last 60 hours of coursework. There are rare circumstances where one may gain admission with a 2.50. If you think you may be one of these, please contact our office and speak with a staff member.

I know my GPA will not meet admission standards. Is there anything I can do?

If your GPA does not meet provisional standards, you can still gain admission by doing one of two things:

Take at least 30 undergraduate hours after the Bachelor’s degree


Take at least 24 graduate hours. You must maintain a GPA of 2.75 on the extra hours to be eligible for admission.

How can I get additional endorsements added to my license?

There are two ways to gain additional endorsements once you have received your initial license:

  • Meet the minimum score requirement on the Praxis II content knowledge you wish to be endorsed in.
  • Have 21 hours of approved coursework in an endorsement area.

What if I cannot pass the Praxis tests?

We recommend using the Cliff Notes Praxis study guide. We also occasionally offer Praxis workshops in Starkville and school districts. Please contact The Learning Center for information on upcoming workshops.

I cannot pay for the classes out-of-pocket. Does MATX offer assistance?

You can apply for the TEACH grant and other assistance found under the financial aid tab.

What tests are required for admission?

To gain admission to MATX, candidates must receive passing scores on the Praxis Core and Praxis II 5354. We do not require the GRE or the MAT for admission to our programs.

I’d like to do this program but live out of state. Am I still eligible?

You will have no problem completing the coursework to get your Mississippi teaching license because our program is online (Unless you reside in Minnesota- see bottom of Admissions tab). Please be aware that teacher licensure is state-mandated. This means that as a Mississippi institution, we can only grant a Mississippi teaching license.

The best way to find information is by contacting the state department of education where you want to teach and ask them about reciprocity for a MS teaching license. They will explain the process to make your MS teaching license into a license to teach in the state of your choice.